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Buffle (I)

Chanson : Fuzzy, Grant Lee Buffalo


Bring me home to this house of many days Just lay me on the floor, hard and cool as slate You know I love it more and more than before I ran away It triggers off so many hurts, hurtful words and broken plates

I lied to Now I'm fuzzy I've been lied to

All in all the world is small enough for both of us To meet upon the interstate, waiting on a train And just when those big arms lift up Fall in love with no time to say it

I've been lied to Now I'm fuzzy I would have liked to Now I'm fuzzy, fuzzy now

Here we are in our car, driving down the street We're looking for a place to stop, have a bite to eat We hunger for a bit of faith to replace the fear We water like a dead bouquet, does no good Does it, dear?

I lied to I'm fuzzy We've been lied to Now I'm fuzzy, fuzzy now Lied to, ooh


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